Privacy Policy

    This document has been written to declare that everyone who uses the services of AussieCasinoSpot accepts the whole list of the conditions provided below.

    General Guidelines

    AussieCasinoSpot does not collect any user details when they visit the website homepage or find time to browse the platform (it has nothing to do with cookies: for more details, please, see the section dedicated to cookies).

    All the data we collect when you interact with our website may be used for the limited purposes only. We save the electronic addresses of all users who wish to get booklets from our platform regularly. We may cancel the above option if you press the Unsubscribe button you can find in every newsletter. AussieCasinoSpot may provide information about current promotions and new games you might wish to try as well as any other details supplied on a sponsorship basis by our partners. The website also collects personal identification data provided by our trading partners.

    AussieCasinoSpot does not share any details with intermediaries or online gaming platforms if you do not approve or permit that.

    If our portal is acquired by any 3rd party, a new owner will get access to the clientele data too.

    AussieCasinoSpot puts much effort into protecting the websites from hacks or malware. It is our priority to keep all user details in safety.

    Only 18-year-old people are allowed to access the services offered.

    We would like to inform you that AussieCasinoSpot offers many links to other websites, and they are not covered by the Confidentiality Guidelines. Therefore, you should read the Confidentiality Guidelines of those platforms before using them.


    AussieCasinoSpot is eligible for adding and removing cookies from your computer. Cookie is known as an absolutely secure text document saved on the device used. The AussieCasinoSpot cookies aim is to collect our users information and distribute it to find out their preferences and wishes in order to enhance the quality of services provided. Importantly, if you access a website from AussieCasinoSpot, it can also save cookies on your device.

    There are many reasons why AussieCasinoSpot can use cookies, namely:

    The key role of those files is to get statistical rather than personal information.

    AussieCasinoSpot cookies are used to understand how much time you spent browsing the website, at what page you stayed the most of the time, and which promo ads collected the biggest number of clicks.

    We use that information to evaluate the website popularity and calculate the daily number of visitors.

    Our team analyses the information provided by cookies to assess players behavior and preferences. It is used to improve the quality of services offered to gamblers and contribute to their gambling experience in the future.

    The platforms we recommend on AussieCasinoSpot may also add cookies to the device used. Players should always read the Confidentiality Guidelines of those websites to understand their cookies policy and their use.

    AussieCasinoSpot reserves the right to alter the Confidentiality Guidelines provisions anytime and we are not obliged to inform our customers about changes. We advise our users to read the Confidentiality Guidelines to learn the most recent changes.

    You should also know that you have the right to block AussieCasinoSpot cookies. The easiest way to do that is to deactivate this option in the browser. However, the deactivated option will not allow us to improve the quality of services provided.